How to effectively follow up after an interview

When you finish an interview, whether with an Employer or a Recruiter, you might ask yourself What happens next? There is a balance which often gets overlooked when following up after an interview – too much or too little and you could be remembered (or forgotten) for all the wrong reasons.

It’s not rocket science, but we’ve outlined a few useful steps that are proven to help your chances and remember, timing is critical.

1. What happens next?
It might sound obvious, but asking ”What happens next?” at the end of the interview is a great way to understand when you should be hearing a decision/update from them or their Recruiter, or when it is reasonable to start chasing. If you haven’t heard anything within the given time frame, then it’s perfectly acceptable to give them a quick reminder by asking how things are progressing.

2. Thank You
You don’t have to say it with flowers, but a simple e-mail expressing your thanks for their time is generally well received. If you can, send it the same day as the interview, or at the latest the following day, as this has more impact.

3. Connecting on LinkedIn.
Connecting with your Recruiter after the interview can only strengthen your relationship with someone who has proven their worth in securing the interview. Networking benefits aside, it gives you a point of contact for the future, whether you’re successful with this particular job or not, and it’s a prompt for the Recruiter to remember you for other opportunities in the future.

4. As time goes by…
If it’s been a while since you’ve last been in contact and they have no more feedback or a decision for you, it’s always worth showing you’re still out there and keen. But, before you get on the phone make sure you have a compelling reason for your call and don’t limit it to the phone, send an e-mail, share an article or write a comment on one of their posts, but make it count. Unobtrusive contact works well in situations such as these.

Finally, please remember that if they want to call you, trust me, they will, especially if you use these techniques to remain at the top of their mind. PLEASE don’t overstep the line between a gentle reminder and harassment – You don’t want to become that person that others go out of their way for… to avoid!