Personality Profiling

Technology Resourcing partners with one of the market leaders in psychometric and behavioural assessment and intelligence testing. Our in-house Certified Practitioner allows us to offer these and related services at preferential rates to our clients.

Improving your Hiring Decisions:
It is widely accepted that the real cost of bringing someone into a business is as much as 2½ – 3 times their annual salary, so the cost of getting it wrong has profound financial, as well as operational consequences.

Even organisations that are very good at assessing / validating specific technical skills will frequently make hiring decisions based on the ‘likeability’ factor. The more important considerations, that are rarely taken account of, are personality fit to the team, fluid intelligence and emotional intelligence, each of which provide a remarkable insight into a potential new recruit’s natural work behaviours, their ability to “think on their feet” and how they interact with others, adding real value to the selection process. The report that you receive after such assessments suggests which areas to explore further and proposes suitable interview questions to achieve this.

So why are these factors important and where do they fit in?

PERSONALITY. Not all personalities and behaviours will fit the role for which you are hiring ie your top business development individual is likely to be very different from your Financial Controller. Conducting a Personality Profile Assessment will provide:

  • An accurate indication of behavioural preferences
  • Indicate working strengths and their value to your organisation
  • Identify preferred communication styles and how these might be modified for greater effect
  • Understanding of the impact of an individual’s behavioural preferences on team members and work colleagues

FLUID INTELLIGENCE is the measure of someone’s ability to think quickly and adeptly. This might not be important for someone in a steady, methodical role with little customer interaction but for an employee that is required to spend much of their time dealing with clients, suppliers or other stakeholders this is critical. The General Intelligence Assessment measures number speed and accuracy, perceptual speed, verbal reasoning, spatial visualisation and word meaning. Accordingly it provides an accurate indicator of:

  • Whether the individual can think on their feet
  • The ability to cope with the mental demands of the role
  • Whether the candidate might be a high flyer
  • Problem solving capabilities
  • How well the individual will respond to training and pick up new tasks

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE is an individual’s ability to understand and manage their own emotions and how they might interpret and deal with the emotions of others. Once again, this might not be important for an individual working on their own for much of the day but for individuals working within a team, this is valuable information.

Our in house Practitioner can conduct and report on all of the above, helping you identify the very best people for your business and/or validating your hiring decision. We also offer a range of associated assessments related to team profiling, job profiling and HR benchmarking.