Electronic Timesheets, Invoicing & Expenses


To save time and make life easier for both our Contractors and Clients, we operate an electronic timesheet system which reduces administration time and costs whilst increasing security.

  • You’ll never run out of timesheets again.
  • Saves time and the cost of faxing or posting timesheets.
  • No need to hunt down your line manager to sign your timesheets.
  • If your line manager is located in a different office or country, your timesheets are automatically forwarded for approval, or to an alternative authorised signatory if they are on leave or otherwise unavailable.
  • Self Billing‘ (if you select this no-cost option) allows us to automatically generate invoices on behalf of your Ltd Co, which are remitted to you or your accountant by email.
  • You have a full electronic record of all completed timesheets and invoices.
  • And finally… it’s environmentally friendly!

If we have already issued you login credentials you can access our Online Timesheet System here, or for further details please contact your Account Manager.

Our Accounts Dept pays Contractors once a week, by BACS electronic transfer, with the money clearing your accounts each Friday.


Your Contract Agreement will contain information on whether expenses incurred during your assignment will be reimbursed. To claim expenses you should complete your Client’s Expenses Claim Form, which can then be submitted, along with your timesheet, using the online system.