Candidates on Video

This new service from Technology Resourcing adds a whole new dimension to your shortlisting and interview process.

Candidates on Video is a 3 Dimensional Personal Profile consisting of video, audio and text allowing you to ask pre-determined questions to which applicants respond from remote locations, simply using a domestic web-cam. This is offered in response to Client’s increasing time constraints, often finding it difficult to invest the time needed to effectively screen out unsuitable candidates prior to face-to-face interview.

Candidates on Video allows you to:

  1. View Candidate’s responses to a selection of your pre-determined questions (whether technical, personal, competency based, scenario etc).
  2. View the Candidates video on the internet (using a login and password issued by Tech-Res) at a time convenient to you and in the comfort of home, office or other remote locations.
  3. Give you a greater insight into potential candidates with regards:
  • Presentation
  • Verbal Communication
  • Personality
  • Cultural fit

Being a downloadable video you have the opportunity to watch it again to solidify your decision to progress or stop the recruitment process.

We fully understand that there is no substitute for meeting with candidates face to face but this service provides an excellent opportunity to pre-screen shortlisted candidates.

We also offer our own in-house Video Conferencing facilities for two-way, fully interactive remote interviews of our candidates, which is especially useful when recruiting candidates for / from overseas.