Company Values

Founded in 1995, Technology Resourcing has been driven, in all its business enterprises, by a passionate cultural commitment to quality and professionalism. We believe that it is as a result of maintaining our core business focus and ensuring our service remains utterly responsive to customer demand that we have become one of the most highly regarded tech recruiters in the UK. Our commitment to Excellence in Recruitment remains at the heart of our philosophy, operations and goals.

We appreciate that our real strength lies within our people who we regard as partners and friends as well as stakeholders. We aim to provide our staff with a dynamic environment; a company they can be justifiably proud to be part of, and a company which treats them with fairness and respect.

Our customers are the other half of the equation on which our success depends and we insist that our Candidates and Clients are treated with integrity and honesty at all times.

  • We are honest and ethical at all times and with everyone we deal with.
  • We do what we say we’ll do when we say we’ll do it.
  • We conduct ourselves with integrity and professionalism to build mutual trust and respect with our clients, candidates and co-workers.
  • We recruit the best employees, provide them with the best possible support available and develop them to their highest potential, so through teamwork, they can consistently exceed the expectations of our clients, candidates and each other.
  • We work with the best companies so we have the opportunities to attract the best candidates.
  • We are committed to delivering maximum value to our clients, candidates and employees.