Consultancy Partnering

We offer a bespoke recruitment service for Engineering, Programme and Management Consultancies, many of whom already enjoy significant competitive advantage as a result of our Consultancy Partnering Service.

Playing to our respective strengths we jointly leverage your reputation and market position with our enviable register of respected Associates, enabling you to broaden your scope of services and dramatically increase your capacity to deliver more of the resources that your Clients or projects need.

9 reasons for your Consultancy to partner with Technology Resourcing:

  1. Fulfil your Clients requests before they go elsewhere. How often are you offered an opportunity but are then unable to find the right resource in time to service your client? Whilst it’s great that your own staff are busy, just imagine how much more business you would do if you could consistently access the right people at the right time…
  2. Generate additional revenue by broadening your scope of services. With access to our unique register of pre-qualified Consultants and Interim Managers, you considerably extend your reach for specialist skills to offer to your existing Clients or new prospects.
  3. Increase your bid conversion rate. We regularly support our Consultancy Partners at bid stage, sharing our market intelligence and other resources to increase your likelihood of success. As well as providing Associate Profiles for inclusion in your tenders, we also provide subject matter expertise and evidence, such as benchmarking data.
  4. Reduce the time your Consultants spend “on the bench. As we are in dialogue with many companies and projects in the same market, we work in partnership with you to secure fee-earning opportunities for your staff during quiet periods, thus converting overhead to fees.
  5. Commercial terms to suit. To fit seamlessly, and mostly invisibly, into each of our Partners supply chains we offer a range of commercial arrangements including Regular Contract-Hire Associates (hired through Tech-Res); Direct-Hire Associates (who engage directly with you); One-off Introductions (we introduce suitable Associates to you for a one-off fee) and Direct Client Introductions (you introduce Clients to us and we pay you a % of resulting margin). As well as standard day rates, we also offer contracts based on a Target Price or a Fixed Work Package / Deliverable Price and can agree incentives to reward Associates who win you new business or who achieve pre-defined objectives.
  6. Work with a “Trusted Expert. Sourcing Consultants and Interim Managers who are deployed at the sharp end of your business is not a task we take lightly. Accordingly we spend as much time assessing the attitudes and behaviours of potential Associates as we do their technical and sector skills. We’ve grown our business by being knowledgeableprofessional and accountable and strive to support you in developing your business however we can.
  7. Increase profitability. You only pay for our Associates when they are fee-earning, with none of the risk associated with committing to a permanent employee, or the cost of sub-contracting a work package.
  8. Reduce business leakage. How often do your customers ask whether you know someone who can help them in an area adjacent to your core expertise? By collaborating with us our Partners say “Yes” more often, utilising our valued register of Consultants with a diverse range of specialist skills and technologies.
  9. Maximise customer satisfaction. Using our pool of Associates, which we have developed over the past three decades, you can secure the very best skills for your project, rather than simply the best available within your existing team or contacts. We screen, reference check and interview all personnel so you can confidently introduce them as your Associates, retaining full control and assuring the quality standards your Clients have come to expect.

What our Partners say:

It’s been a pleasure dealing with Tech-Res, as they work like us, remaining fully accountable for sourcing & hiring the very best Associates, often with scarce skills, leaving us to concentrate on growing the business

They [Tech-Res] are industry professionals rather than sales people, who have proven themselves to be a valuable partner. Their experts have enabled us to quickly expand our consultancy services to existing clients, creating a valuable new stream of revenue

Your team really understand our needs and are extremely knowledgeable of our industry. The result is a fast, no-nonsense service, that continues to exceed our expectations

For more detail on how we could help grow your consultancy, please contact your Account Manager or speak with Derek Brown on +44 (0)1483 302211.