The Recruitment & Employment Confederation

We’ve been a full Corporate Member of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation since 1995. Membership is entirely voluntary and requires members to abide by the REC’s ‘Code of Professional Practice’, which goes far beyond the minimum legal obligations and ensures members act ethically.

Members have to pass the REC’s Compliance Test every 2 years, proving their knowledge of relevant legislation and the Code of Professional Practice. We’re proud to say that we have scored 100% in this written exam ever since it was introduced in 2014.

In addition to our Corporate REC Membership, we are also members of the following specialist divisions:

Separate to our company membership, several of our staff are Members or Fellows of the REC, which is achieved through a combination of experience and passing the Certificate, Diploma or Degree in Recruitment Practice.

Freelancer & Contractor Services Association (FSCA)

The FCSA aims to ensure that all parties in the recruitment / contractor supply chain deliver the highest levels of compliance, transparency and reliability. Members and Partners (Contractor Accountants, Umbrella Companies and Recruiters) are held to the highest standards of compliance in the industry, driving market reputation and benefiting temporary workers. 

As an FCSA Recruiter Partner we’ve signed up to a clear framework of principles and values that support and underpin compliance throughout the recruitment supply chain, demonstrating that we are committed to professional and ethical recruitment and that the management of our contingent workforce is in the hands of trusted experts, mitigating risk for all parties.