Environmental Management Policy

Technology Resourcing Ltd

Environmental Management Policy

Technology Resourcing Ltd recognises that, in the pursuit of our business goals, we have a responsibility to ensure that our practices minimise any adverse environmental impact.
Technology Resourcing will promote the use of environmentally sound resources and discourage wasteful or damaging practices.

Waste reduction

Technology Resourcing is committed to a wide range of recycling schemes. We actively participate in recycling, and review this on an ongoing basis to ensure waste reduction in all the key business materials we use.

Technology Resourcing’s goal is to become a ‘paperless’ environment wherever possible, including the sending and receiving of all contracts and commercial agreements.

Energy within the Office Premises

Technology Resourcing is committed to reducing its energy usage through ensuring that all electrical equipment / appliances are turned off when not in use.


Use is already minimal as we operate from a serviced office.


Technology Resourcing actively encourages the use of Public Transport – to minimise unnecessary car travel wherever possible.


Technology Resourcing is keen to comply with legislative requirements and, accordingly, works in partnership with our landlords, Surrey Research Park, to stay up to date with legislation changes and comply with both new and existing requirements.

Supply Chain Management

Technology Resourcing collaborates with key suppliers to promote environmentally responsible procurement of goods and services.

Company Culture

Technology Resourcing is striving towards a more sustainable future, including pollution prevention, and staff are actively encouraged to participate in the aforementioned initiatives. We aim to constantly improve in our environmental management practices, and actively seek input and contributions from all employees in this regard.