We really do value your personal recommendations and referrals, since this is by far our most effective method of recruitment and has been the cornerstone of our continued success. It is our way of saying ‘thank you‘ for the ultimate compliment of recommending us to your peers.

Technology Resourcing has partnered with Red Letter Days to offer you a choice of remarkable UK experiences. Each time we successfully place someone referred by you (or place into a vacancy referred by you), we say thank you with a £200 Red Letter Days gift voucher*.

That’s it – it really is as simple as that! The only decision you have to make is whether you would rather get behind the wheel of a Ferrari, take to the skies in a stunt plane, spend the day relaxing at a health spa or enjoying one of the hundreds of other truly memorable experiences.

Alternatively, we offer the same incentive with £200 worth of Amazon vouchers, to buy whatever products or services you choose from their extensive site. These can be issued in any currency you choose, so are especially useful for those referring from outside of the UK.

So, pull out your business cards and address books to find those friends and colleagues you think we may be able to help.