An Employer’s Guide to Recruitment Best Practice

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Since we do a great deal of work with our key clients, who we’ve worked with for many years, we’re often asked to support or advise their HR or Hiring Managers on employment related matters, that are outside the traditional remit of a recruitment company.

Having recently completed one such piece of work, we are happy to share the results with other clients or viewers of this blog.

Click here to download ‘An Employers Guide to Recruitment Best Practice’

This guide is the result of consultation with many recruitment / HR specialists and was produced to help an HR Manager who was becoming increasingly frustrated by the number of strong candidates they were interviewing who subsequently accepted appointments with their competitors.

Produced by our MD, Derek Brown, this guide identifies 43 critical steps to maximise your likelihood of attracting, securing and retaining the very best talent for your organisation. The sections covered include:

  • Protecting and enhancing your employer-brand
  • Your recruitment process
  • Ensuring you invest your time with the right candidates
  • Training your interviewers
  • Asking the right questions
  • Selling the opportunity
  • Getting the offer right, first time
  • Looking after your existing employees

We hope you find this useful and as always would welcome any feedback.