HMRC’s new guide to publicise Tax Avoidance Schemes.

12 September 2023
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HMRC has published a new online guide which provides pragmatic and actionable advice on how best to spot the warning signs of some (less scrupulous) Umbrella Companies that operate tax avoidance schemes. It also provides a link to a list of such schemes already identified (link #1 below), and those with a Stop Notice in place (link #2 below), and explains clearly what to do if you find yourself unwittingly caught within one of these schemes. Of course, it also includes a link to report those umbrella companies you suspect of promoting tax avoidance schemes (link #3 below).

We encourage all freelance Contractors in the UK to take a few minutes to read this, to avoid a surprise tax bill in the future that they won’t have budgeted for. #StaySafe

Link #1:

Link #2:

Link #3: