Redundant Signalling Designers secure employment with Invensys Rail

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On hearing the news of Jarvis’ demise Technology Resourcing’s rail team moved swiftly to secure alternative employment for the Doncaster Design Team.

Technology Resourcing had a recruitment team in Doncaster within 24 hrs of the redundancy notices being served and, having met with the managers, interviewed all 18 of their design team. Within the next 2 days they profiled all staff and spoke with Deloittes (Jarvis’ Administrators) to produce a comprehensive proposal which they then took to market, using their established network of senior rail executives, to sell the entire team.

Despite considerable interest from many of the UK’s leading railway signalling contractors, consultancies and vendors it was Invensys Rail who were the first to interview the team and then quickly secure board approval to hire the majority of the team.

Offers of Employment were agreed and despatched within 72 hours and the Designers re-started work in Invensys Rail’s York office earlier this week, all within one month of being laid off.

On reflection, many of the Designers feel their redundancy was “a blessing in disguise” since they now have much greater opportunity to develop their careers with Invensys. They are now working on major projects, rather than just renewals and will be broadening their skills to include moving block technology and other metro systems, rather than working exclusively on Network Rail infrastructure.

Technology Resourcing is also now working with the ex-Jarvis Signalling Testers and the Manchester Design team to secure suitable alternative work for them, along with the remaining Assistant Designers from Doncaster.

Interested parties may wish to join Technology Resourcing’s UK Signalling Design Engineers group on which allows members to network freely with peers in other organisations and foster intelligent discussion on a wide range of signalling design related issues.