Recessional Recruiting Report

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We thought you might be interested in seeing the key findings from JobSite’s recently published “Recessional Recruiting” report which summarises the opinions of over 4,000 employees and 500 HR managers.

  • 41% of HR Managers are concerned about being able to retain their employees during the recession
  • A quarter of candidates are either confident or very confident about job security or finding a new job
  • Over half of employees are looking for a new job (52%) and only the minority (16%) are job seeking due to redundancy
  • 36% of companies haven’t changed their recruitment strategy in light of the recession
  • 60% of workers haven’t changed their job hunting strategy, but 16% say they’re more flexible in which jobs they apply for
  • 53% of firms are still hiring, with 80% of these looking for full time, permanent staff
  • 21% of organisations aren’t replacing staff that leave
  • One in ten companies are taking on recession busting staff

For those with a little more time / interest you can view the full report by clicking the report above. Our thanks to JobSite for producing another succinct, but relevant article.

For pointers on how to recruit most effectively during a recession please see a previous blog entry by our Derek Brown here.