Looking for work? It’s looking up!

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I’m sure most of us still baulk at the word “recession”.

Yes, the last few years have seen a bit of a downtrodden economic climate – and if workers have been feeling the pinch, it’s certainly fair to suggest that their employers have too. However, the latest figures are painting a decidedly sunnier picture. So, if you’re looking for work, you couldn’t really have picked a better time…

…and, according to JobsOutlook, here’s why.


80% of employers say things are only getting better

That’s right – 4/5 employers are optimistic about their economic future. As the economy improves, so companies are finding their bank accounts flourish – and this money means more job security, a bigger budget, and less financial concerns for their staff. Win-win.


A huge majority of firms are looking to boost their workforce

Out of work? Fear not!

74% of companies are looking for brand new talent – and they want it now. With the economic up-turn, affordability has gone up, and business are looking to expand their ranks significantly within the next three months. 71% will be looking to do so after September – so get that CV prepared. It’s time to don your interview suit!


Nearly half of employers surveyed have increased pay

In the last year, 41% of companies have organised a pay bump for their workers.

And absolutely none of them have reduced salaries.

This is a hugely encouraging turn of events. Recent times may have seen a surge in redundancies and pay cuts, but it would seem that we are coming out of the woods on this count. So, if you have an inflated salary this year, it’s probably about time too. Enjoy it!


Company confidence is growing

As finances improve, companies are gaining the courage of their convictions. Again, nearly half of employers surveyed by JobsOutlook (46%) have said that they believe their hiring and investment decisions are going to improve as they go forwards. With money to back them, their self-assurance is at an all-time high.


A morale boost if ever there was one!