Key Reports Show That ‘Talent Management’ Is Now Top Priority For Business Leaders

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PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and McKinsey have both recently published key reports highlighting that recruitment and retention are acknowledged as critical issues by CEOs across the globe and are now being treated as a top priority. I thought I would share these with you, since they are from credible independent sources and make for very interesting reading.

PwC’s research reports that 89% of the 1,150 CEOs polled state ‘Talent Management’ as a top priority for their business, with another 67% agreeing that this is where their time is currently best spent.

The McKinsey report states that “By far the most significant trend – cited by 47 percent of the executives – is the intensifying battle for talented people. Shifting centres of economic activity and increasing technological connectivity were the next most important trends, each with 34 percent.

It is encouraging to read that business leaders worldwide are recognising the huge

difference that the right people make to an organisation and are prioritising their recruitment efforts accordingly. As Jim Collins writes: it is only with the right people in the right seat that you can begin to transform a company from good to great and we remain passionate about making these introductions.