Immigration in the UK will soon be point-based

17 July 2020
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This week the government announced details of the UK’s new point based immigration system which ends free movement of EU citizens to work in the UK.

This new system takes effect from 1st Jan ’21, giving businesses just 6 months to prepare (along with Brexit, IR35, Furlough ending etc!). It requires applicants to speak English and have a job offer (>£20,480), along with a scoring system for qualifications, skills and occupation shortages. It treats EU and non-EU citizens as equals, although EU citizens already living in the UK will not be affected. Critically, it will not require employers to prove there is no one suitable already living in the UK.

International students will remain unaffected and a new graduate visa scheme will be launched from summer ’21, allowing grads to remain in the UK for 2 yrs (or 3 yrs if they’ve completed a PhD)

To learn more please review the Secretary of State’s latest details publication.