Google set to acquire Motorola Mobility

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With Google set to acquire Motorola Mobility, the benefits of such a move could possibly create tension with other mobile carriers.

Google’s ever-successful operating system, Android has already made quite a name for itself by overshadowing an already diminished market due to the popularity of Apple’s iPhone.

If Google decides to exclusively design or favour their Android OS around the Motorola handsets, other carriers may be left out in the cold. On the other hand, it could provide an interesting competitor for Apple’s iPhone.

Previously the search engine giant’s only real involvement as a branded handset vendor has been with the Nexus phones; which was received with mixed reviews due to the complicated nature of how it was sold; whilst Google controlled the software, third party manufacturers made the handsets.

Providing the Google/Motorola deal gains regulatory approval, the company will set to own one of the biggest handset makers in the world and particularly in the U.S.

If analyst predictions prove correct, Apple may have a serious contender on their hands in the future.