Everything is now in the cloud at Technology Resourcing

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After enduring almost 19 years of the low pitched droning that emanated from our Server Room, we’ve finally ditched our Servers and are embracing the wonders of working ‘in the cloud’.

At the end of last year we switched to Office 365, which is a fantastic solution for us – it ensures we’re always using the latest version of MS Office, makes working remotely SO much easier and enhances the ways we can collaborate with clients and colleagues.

Shortly after this we migration our old Server based CRM to Bullhorn’s fantastic cloud based recruitment CRM, which is a huge leap forward, increasing our search capability, auto-tracking our emails and improving our social media links, along with countless other improvements.

Yes, it was a pain and took longer and more money than we projected, but we can honestly say (now we’re the other side!) that we have no doubts we’ve made the right decision.

So, anyone interested in buying some redundant Servers, UPS, tape backups etc?