Cisco to buy Axioss management software from Comptel

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September will see the service fulfilment software assets from the UK subsidiary of Comptel, acquisitioned by Cisco. The move is set to help operators speed up the launch of new services.

£19 million in cash is the price Cisco will pay for acquisition of the Axioss software, if the reports from the two companies are anything to go by.

The Axioss software will be used to add automated ordering and fulfilment to Cisco’s Prime Platform enabling operators to quickly launch new video, data, mobility and cloud services for their customers.

Existing Axioss customers will continue to be supported by Comptel, which will help keep continuity across the board especially since the software was originally developed by Axiom Systems and was only taken over by Comptel in 2008.

The Axioss team will also be integrated into Cisco’s NMTG (Network Management Technology Group) and its Advanced Services Group, while the Comptel CTO and member of the Executive Board, Gareth Senior, will also move to Cisco. The merged groups “will offer implementation, customisation and integration services” and the new personnel will “bring strong software development and professional services skills,” Cisco have said.

Cisco is not the only company to acquire software to help monetise existing traffic and products. More recently, the software side of networks has seen increasing amounts of attention from vendors as operators are on the lookout for new revenue sources.