CIPD Survey Reveals That A Third Of Employees Want To Change Job After The Recession

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A recent survey of 3,000 employees, published today by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, reports that 34% of employees would like to change job within the next year. Many of these (24%) stated that they will look for work in a different sector and a similar number (25%) want to change their line of work altogether. Interestingly, respondents in the construction sector were amongst the top (at 40%) of those most likely to change their jobs in the next 12 months, unsurprisingly only topped by those currently working in the finance and banking sector.

Claire McCartney, the CIPD’s Talent & Resourcing Advisor urged companies to act now to improve talent retention and employee engagement:

Employers need to be careful to avoid complacency. The recession may keep your best people with you for now, but you need to take the time to focus on building employee engagement by providing.”