Kerching! A celebrity guide to tax dodging

A topic that remains at the forefront of most contractors minds is tax avoidance, otherwise known as ‘Carr Tax’ thanks to celebrities like Jimmy Carr playing hide and seek with the tax man. And with tax avoidance costing the Treasury nearly £25bn a year, something has to be done.


Don’t worry, tax rates aren’t going up (not that I know of) – Kerching! is a spoof magazine produced by the TUC (Trade Union Congress) highlighting the celebrity lifestyle sought by some through blatent tax avoidance. It’s completely tongue in cheek of course, but I’m sure certain references may strike a chord with many of you…

Read Kerching! – not coming to a news stand near you.

About the Author:

  • Tanya White

    Tanya joined Technology Resourcing from a previous career in recruitment advertising. She's progressed from managing contracts administration into becoming a key member of the Planning and Project Controls team.

    Technology Resourcing are a leading recruitment company within the Engineering, Technology & Construction sector, supplying professional and management grade personnel into permanent staff appointments, contract assignments and independent consultancy roles.

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