Chris needs you (to help him get to space)

I’m sure there are lots of people who wish there were less recruiters in the world. Well here is your chance!

I, Chris Woodbridge, Space Cadet and Cosmic Cowboy in training, have entered the Lynx Space Academy Competition for a chance to be sent into Space. To succeed I need only my steely resolve to face the void, and your vote!

You would be doing me and my long-suffering colleagues a massive favour by sending me out of this world.

If you could spare just thirty seconds of your time by clicking the link below to cast your vote, it would really help this whole thing take off.

Over and Out,
Chris ‘Space Cadet’ Woodbridge

Lynx Space Academy – Vote for Chris here

P.S. Hopefully by the time Chris wins the competition, he will have afforded a more robust space helmet…

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