Quick budget summary for Ltd Co contractors

Despite first appearances, this budget doesn’t seem as bad for Ltd Co contractors as the scaremongering press might have us believe. Sure, there are several measures targeted directly at freelancers, but the financial impact of each seems less than catastrophic, unless you’re working in the public sector of course!

HMRC’s online IR35 assessment tool is finally here!

Whether you’re working in the public or private sector this tool will determine if your assignments fall outside of the intermediaries legislation (known as IR35). This is in beta test phase currently but HMRC has stated clearly that they will stand by the decisions given, so ensure you keep a printout!

Raising the red flag – is your agency doctoring the Dotas rules?

“Everyone’s moral compass is different, isn’t it?” – Patrick Griffin, Premier Payco.         Tax might be an unwanted outgoing, but the fact remains, it’s a necessary obligation for most companies. So, when certain businesses (who are as obligated to pay as any other) deliberately employ underhand tactics to avoid paying out, it […]

No, Contractors aren’t “desperate” – working short-term gigs is their choice

It’s increasingly apparent that the freelance “gig-culture” is on the rise in the UK, but contrary to the government’s view that freelancers are being taken advantage of, an important new report from McKinsey makes it clear that most Contractors are working this way out of choice – rather than out of necessity.

Open to opportunities? Here comes “Open Candidates”

        Ever tried to job hunt on the quiet? It’s not easy. These days, everyone is connected on LinkedIn – and if you so much as tweak the “Hobbies” section of your profile, everyone you’ve ever met suddenly knows about it. People may be actively searching your profile, or statuses about your […]

The 90-Second Interview – Part 2

Non-verbal mistakes may well hold pole position when it comes to interview blunders. In any case, nobody wants to hire an unsmiling, closed-off, shifty-looking candidate. However, you can sit there with perfect posture all you like – but if you can’t talk the talk, your interview is terminal from the start.

Tax default disgrace – why all contractors should vet their payroll provider

Every quarter, HMRC names and shames the largest deliberate tax defaulters (owing >£25K) – and last week they threw two key payroll providers’ reputations into disrepute. We’re taking this opportunity, therefore, to highlight once again the need for contractors to exercise extreme diligence and caution when selecting who they work with.

The 90-Second Interview – Part 1

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Well, according to a survey done by UndercoverRecruiter, you barely get a first chance to make a first impression when it comes to an interview. As far as the 2,000 hiring managers surveyed are concerned, if you haven’t convinced them in 90 […]

Project Controls Expos and Conferences – dates for your diaries

        It’s that time of year again, when the biggest annual UK Project Controls conferences and expos are held over the summer / autumn months. These industry-leading events are not only highly educational and important to keep abreast of the latest practices and projects, but they’re also valuable networking events, so we’ve […]

Tech-Res celebrates 21 years

The world has changed a great deal since Tech-Res started in 1995, when the web was brand-spanking new, neither Google nor Facebook existed and mobile phones were used for little more than talking! It was then that Tech-Res embarked on their mission to “restore our clients’ faith in professional tech recruitment”, by providing a more […]