Report on Jobs for January 2012

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The REC and KPMG have just released their latest monthly ‘Report on Jobs‘, but it doesn’t make encouraging reading I’m afraid! Permanent placements in Dec fell for the third month running and temp/contractor billings decreased for the first time since July 2009.

Technology Resourcing passes REC inspection

We’re delighted to announce that Technology Resourcing have recently passed an inspection by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation. Each month the REC conducts random spot-check inspections in order to ensure their members are working to the high standards demanded from their Code of Professional Conduct and to current legislation, in order to raise standards within […]

Contractor numbers on the rise


Did you know that contractors  now make up 1 in 20 of the UK’s workforce? This startling result is from research undertaken by the PCG and Kingston University, which reflects a staggering 12% increase from 2008 to 2011, to 1.56 million freelance workers. This is against a back-drop of unemployment rising by almost 50%, to […]

National Freelancers Day wants you!


If you’re a freelancer then you will want to ensure the 23rd November 2011 is circled in your diary, as National Freelancers Day is taking place with 16 free webinars available to freelancers all across the globe, full to brim of tips and advice from people only in the sector will know.

Talent Acquisition in Turbulent Times

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The REC  (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) has recently published: Talent Acquisition in Turbulent Times, their latest Working paper. The online booklet contains concepts of ‘Talent on Demand’ and identifies a compelling new model of talent management. You can access the REC’s latest Working Paper here.

Top 100 Construction Companies 2011

The Construction Index Top 100 for 2011 shows how the challenging conditions in the industry are affecting the companies within it. Although the average margin and profits increased, the turnover for the top 100 companies dropped half a billion to just under £64bn, which suggests many firms are looking at staying in the black rather […]

National Minimum Wage increase for 2011

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October 1st 2011 will see the National Minimum Wage increase once again. Most workers in the UK over school leaving age are legally entitled to be paid at least the National Minimum Wage and all employers have to pay it to you if you are entitled to it.

Agency Worker Regulations


We’ve received many enquiries relating to the forthcoming Agency Worker Regulations (AWR), but it is only now that the final guidance has been released that we can understand and communicate clearly how this will affect our Clients and our Contractors / Consultants / Interim Managers.

Telephone and Skype video interview advice

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So, a potential Employer or Recruiter arranges a telephone or Skype video interview, what next? Although this can mean a more relaxed environment, the end result is exactly the same as a more formal face-to-face meeting; your fate is in the interviewers hands, so please don’t be lulled in to a false sense of security. […]

Younger Engineers Dominate LinkedIn

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Contrary to popular conception, recent analysis of LinkedIn’s user base pleasantly surprised us when we learnt that Engineers make up a staggering 15% of all LinkedIn’s users, with Sales lagging behind with just 11% of users. LinkedIn’s direct ad data reports that almost 24% of their registered users work in ‘Hi Tech‘ industries, representing the […]