IR35 Final Review & Conclusion

  Yesterday’s final IR35 Review and Conclusion confirms it kicks off from 6 April 2020, but with a ‘light touch’ for the first year. (i.e. no penalties unless for “deliberate non-compliance”)   Other key points to note: They consider the CEST tool to be fit for purpose and constitutes ‘reasonable care’, so can be used […]

Osborne’s budget – woeful or wonderful for freelance contractors?

It’s been scorned as a benefits-buster and simultaneously hailed as a “living wage” lifter – yes, George Osborne’s new budget has certainly raised a few eyebrows, but what does it mean for freelance tech contractors? Here’s our take on the highlights:

IR35 legislation news following House of Lords review

Following a critical House of Lords review of the IR35 legislation, they found hostility amongst contractors towards the legislation. HMRC were asked to do more to prove its worth and have responded by providing new IR35 intermediaries legislation guidance which can be downloaded here.

Current ONS employment stats report record high employment levels

The Office of National Statistics report that last quarters employment levels continue to rise and unemployment continues to fall across Great Britain, continuing the trend of the past two years. ONS headline figures are now: EMPLOYMENT: UNEMPLOYMENT: ECONOMICALLY INATIVE: There are 8.78m people aged 16 – 64 who are out of work but not seeking […]

REC’s Compliance Test – we scored 100%!

      Earlier this week we completed the Recruitment & Employment Confederation’s Compliance Test and achieved a staggering 100%, well beyond the 75% pass mark. REC Members must pass this test every 2 years, to prove their knowledge of current legislation and the REC’s Code of Conduct. It cover topics such as Contracts, Advertising, […]

HMRC crackdown could affect Contractors using Offshore Limited and Umbrella Companies

HM Revenue and Customs is now mid-way through their consultation on ‘Offshore Employment Intermediaries’ which may dramatically impact those freelance technology and engineering contractors that currently use offshore arrangements to reduce their tax liabilities. “The existing legislation has been exploited, particularly in certain sectors, allowing companies who are willing to set up offshore arrangements to […]

Changes to family-friendly rights

Good news for working parents! A proposed family-friendly bill has been announced, which is likely to be in effect from 2014/2015. XpertHR have produced a video explaining the bill and what it means for employers and employees.     Highlights include:

New IR35 Guidance Advice

HMRC LOGO - Tech Res - IT Jobs & Enginering Jobs specialists

  A little while ago, we talked about the HMRC devising a simple ‘business tax test’  for Contractors to better understand (or clarify) their correct tax status. Since their announcement, several websites have produced results based on the test to help you better ‘score’ your own limited company. We have found the most comprehensive and easy […]

HMRC Tax Test

HMRC LOGO - Tech Res - IT Jobs & Enginering Jobs specialists

HMRC announced recently that they have devised a ‘simple business test’ for Contractors to better understand (or clarify) their correct tax status, fortifying their IR35 rules to prevent ‘disguised employment’. The news has been met with considerable doubt from many Accountants, Recruiters and Lawyers who doubt the effectiveness of such a test, believing it is […]

National Minimum Wage increase for 2011

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October 1st 2011 will see the National Minimum Wage increase once again. Most workers in the UK over school leaving age are legally entitled to be paid at least the National Minimum Wage and all employers have to pay it to you if you are entitled to it.